Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where the hell did you go?

Im such a head case...I can't remeber where this came from..sorry

I know, I know. I've committed the proverbial blog suicide. I disappeared, for like ever. But for good reason I promise. Since I last posted there has been a Peter Pan birthday, travels to Tennessee & North Carolina, a girl road trip across the Big Sky state, enough thrifting to gag a cat, a tribute to 'I Love Lucy', Honor Roll for Girl Genius, an Easter trip to Chico Hot Springs and Yellowstone National Park, a Zombie Prom Queen birthday(yes, you read that right) and remember project "Kitchen Aid"?.  Well said project went from a rearrange endeavor to a full blown let's remodel the entire house while still living in it with three children, a dog and three adults. Did I mention that the last three things happened simultaneously? Because that's totally rational and not "should be committed" behavior at all.;}, a Begining of Summer camp trip, a 15th birthday for a too cool teenage boy, a girl trip over the Beartooth mountains and through Yellowstone National Park (yes for the second time, I really really <3 buffalo, alright), I SHOT ANOTHER WEDDING [omg the fact that this accidental photography thing is progessing is just mind blowing], Ohhh new tattoos, an Un-Birthday for me (I refuse to grow up) and time spent with cousins on a farm in Roberts that may or may not have changed our entire lives{more on this to come at a later date, I do like me some drama. dun, dun, dun....... ;})

Geez did you get all of that? Excuse me while I catch my breath......... So in a nutshell this is the first opportunity I have had to even sit down for a minute and assess my surroundings. I hope someday to be able to blog as these things happen but alas I am not that organized, so dear readers please bare with me. I have not forgotten you!

Okay; so you don't think I'm insane ( never mind we've established that I am already). So I can share my insanity with you; I will attempt to re cap since my last blog post. Don't worry I'll spread it out over multiple posts, pretty sure I would crash blogger in an attempt to load all the pics.

Up first the Peter Pan Birthday! Change of plans, I have currently mis-placed the memory card that has the photos for both the Peter Pan Birthday and a chunk of the Tennessee pics. Sad face. Oh well, we can come back to that later;{(

So up next...Girl Trip Part I

Thanks for hanging in there with me guys....

xoxo kyla