Thursday, February 17, 2011

Going to California with an aching in my heart...............

Sing with me now..Led Zepplin for anyone who doesn't recognise. And if you didn't you should be drawn and quartered cause Led Zepplin is the best band of all time...Just saying.

Day one of our travels from Montana to California (or Cali if your a too cool teenage boy ;})

We went from moderately nice weather with minimal snow, to OMG 10 foot drifts on either side of us, to holy shnockrockers I can't see past my front bumper blizzard; and then (again burst of sunshine through the windshield and choir) all clear and sunshiny. The choir may have been me since I was driving ;} Today we drive through Nevada! A first for most of the family (hubby has driven to Las Vegas before).

We detoured a bit this morning to see Shoshone Falls. Very cool; however the mist from the falls froze so it was like ice skating walking around getting pictures. You had to walk down a set of stairs to get closer and let me be honest here; I had visions of a bambi on ice type slip and a epic head long fall over the rail.I'm not the most graceful person;} I am happy to report we made it down without incident. I did throw up a little in my mouth when my hubby picked up the youngest and skated to the edge to give her a better view. *Gag*

Enjoy your day and think of us as we continue our treck out west over the mountains and through the snow to Grandma's house we go..............

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jamie said...

i just had to comment that i am reading this and i am giggling. this single-mom-for-a-week with a sick infant and sick 7 year old and bored 9 year old needed a giggle.
in these parts we call that p.i.n.= puke in the neck.

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