Friday, February 11, 2011

My Project Re-Style

I found this hmmm.... how do I discribe it; army green and pepto pink had a love child;  quilt at Goodwill. Sooo hideous but pleading with me to bring home and re-beautify (totally made that word  up). This was an interesting twim sized; I'm assuming coverlet would be the proper term. It had a army green "skirt" on three sides. I figured if I tore one side off (yea I ripped it off instead of taking the seam out cause thats how I roll ;}) it would be perfect for my couch.

 I like to change things up around here so I have a quilt for every season to  put on my couch. It's a sickness people, I need help.....

Anywho, I pondered for a good month or so on what to do with it so people wouldn't go blind when they walked in. I finally decided it needed song lyrics. Gigantic in your face letters that would instantly put a smile on your face. So mix a little Sargent in Arms with a little Bridget Bardot, sprinkle a little Beatles and voila!

Sing it with me.... All you need is Love, Love is all you need

Well now I have the couch covered but what about the ginormous (can't take credit for that one) pillow that usually sits on the couch?

Anna Maria Horner comes to the rescue! I <3 her so much. She has awesome free patterns on her site as well as gouregous fabrics and amazing other patterns. Highly recommended!

That's how two vintage sheets, one sleeve of a red wool sweater, and a umm....interesting coverlet made kicking new valentine's decor for our living room.

Just for fun here's your daily dose of Tater !

I heart this face!

Have a Fabulous Day

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shelley said...

tooo funny...i heart you, your humor and creativity!!! you rock all day long!!

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