Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tater Tot

Here's Some Tater Tot Humor to start your day.....

Tater's Recipe for Cookies

you get all the stuff
put it in a bowl & mix it up
it makes  puddin' (no lie she actually said puddin')
and then it makes cookies
{or you have Daddy take you to the store and just buy some. that works too!}


I turned to my husband and said "You know you're a red neck when your kid refers to cookie dough as puddin'! (And you call said kid Tater ;})

I have to say I am totally smitten with Katrina @ I bought the Premium Member subscription and I am so excited. It is awesome!! The possibilities are endless and I can't seem to peel myself away from my computer. The overlays, templates, blog templates, and clip art are endless. That picture of Tater over there yonder (sorry I had to) is made with a scalloped overlay, tape clip art, doilie clip art, and bag clip art.Amazing; everything is adjustable and will even print out gorgeous. My blog header and my couch picture are made using her overlays. She is a layout genius, her overlays include all the design for you so all you have to do is insert your image. I am an Elements user and I found that it works perfectly even though it was not created for it.

Well I think it may be time to walk away from my computer. I feel like I have prunes in my eye sockets and I'm pretty sure I forgot how to blink......
xo. Kyla

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Anonymous said...

thanks for letting me know that the overlays i made are compatible with PSE! i may invest in the program and develop a set of tutorials specifically for it.

and, thanks for joining the club -- i hope you enjoy the resources. :D

have a wonderful weekend, kyla!!


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