Sunday, February 27, 2011

USS Enterprise stardate 02172011.Captain's log..

We have encountered forgein land with severe weather conditions. I fear that we shall not make our destination.....Lol I couldn't help myself. Little did I know when I posted my little ditty about over the mountains and through the snow to Grandma's house we go; how literal that would be. I don't know what I expected in Nevada but it certainly was not this
I think I was expecting more of a desert. You know like sand, lizards, cacti (the too cool teenage boy had to correct me when I said cactues) polyester wearing mofia types driving land yachets doing suspicious things in the middle of no where.

I was so excited about seeing Reno for the first time but was very dissapointed when we arrived to this

So instead of bright lights, casinos and reno thrift stores we went to Walmart for chains. Not that we thought they would be nessecary (insert very angry redneck hubby muttering something about being from Montana and knowing how to drive in the snow, don't need no stupid chains; who do they think they are telling me how to drive; ect.) but the state of Nevada and California decided it was manditory and would not allow us any further. So chains is was

Up  the Seirra Nevadas we went. The amount of snow never really justifing the chains which in turn made us drive slower (at this point my redneck hubby demonstrating rather well how red his neck can truley get). And then a sudden complete stop in traffic. Right on the interstate.......have you ever put a egg still in the shell in the microwave? (i have, in my moms brand new microwave oven mid-eighties when they were still mega cool and expensive) The explostion is close to my husbands reaction to sitting in a dead stand still in traffic on top of a mountain on the last leg of a long journey. And then the enevitable happens........

tater: Mom I need to go potty

me: tater there are no potties here we are in the middle of no where, can you wait an little bit

tater: no i really need to go potty

hubby: tater if you need to really go; you will have to go outside in the snow

tater: (looking outside the window to the truck on one side and the 15' snow bank on the other side) no i need to go in somethin' like a house

me:(laughing uncontrollably) tater honey there are no houses

tater: i really have to go

Oh course I documented it all silly. Doesn't every teenage girl dream of sharing these epic memories in full color with her boyfriend;}

So this is how tater ended up squatting between our front bumper and the ass end of a semi carring fruit to California. In the snow, on a mountain, in the middle of a traffic stop. Ahhhhh childhood memories......

We did finally make it. The 1.5 hrs is was supposed to take turned into 4 hrs. By the time we made it to our destination we were beat. Up next a remebrance to honor two people who made all my snarky, crude, inappropriate humor possible.....

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