Sunday, February 27, 2011

In Loving Memory

Richard Louis Gerard & Julienne Frost Powell Jacobs

May they rest in peace and know that I loved them.

He was a tall proud man with a voice that was unforgettable. I loved listening to him talk. He was an Episcipalian minister and to be honest the only time that I ever listened in church was during his sermons. He had a way of engaging your attention and making you think.

To Him I have to be thankful for my love of books and reading, jazz and blues music, my first art community coffee shop, my neverending quest for adventure, the strive to do whats right, and the confidence to ask "why". Whether given directly through time spent together or quailties my mother inherited and then pasted to me; thank you.

She was 'the' definition of glamorous. She was beatiful, gouregous and so ful of life you think she'd burst. I felt like a movie star or a celebrity around her. We had the best of everything when we were together. Oh the places we ate, and the stores we shopped in, and  places we would stay!! Everything was in grand style. She did so many things I wouldn't know where to even start! She once managed Sammy Davis Jr. and worked on Capital Hill. She was bigger than life.

To Her I have to be thank ful for love of living life to the fullest, remembering to treat yourself and your family like royalty; because truely they are, my neverending sense of adventure (yeah runs really strong in our genes, could explain some things ;}) and how to be fabulous no matter what anyone else thinks. Thank you.

To both of you. Thank you for my mom. If you hadn't created the rebelliuos, opinated, loving, creative, sassy, funny, sometimes offensive, spitfire of a girl.... I would not be here, to be all of those same things today.

Love Always Your Granddaughter,


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shelley said...

Oh so heartfelt...eloquent...I cried, laughed, appreciated every do have the gift of words from your grandpa & the wit of your grandmother. You are a fabulously amazing women...I luv u fiercely...xoxo...mum

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